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ATV-14 Sport

When you are on the quest for rigorous workouts and an ample swim space, the ATV-14 Sport delivers. With greater flow rate for superior resistance and open current swimming and additional workout amenities to up your fitness level, you’ll find everything you need in this compact package. The three dual-speed pumps offer advanced hydrotherapy and low-impact resistance for increased health. Improve your fitness session with the twin-end tether points for additional workout options with and against the flow of the water. Feel the difference with the ATV-14 Sport.

Seats: 1 full depth, 1 cool down
Jet Count: 26
Dimensions: 168.5″ x 89.5″ x 56″
Pumps: 3 dual-speed 160 gpm pump
Water Capacity: 1,725 Gallons
Weight / Filled: 2,140 lbs (Dry) / 16,526 lbs (Filled)
# of Filters: 2 – 90 square foot filters