The Optimum is designed to provide many years of enjoyment and fun for your family. The Optimum is versatile enough to fit any yard as a round or oval above ground, semi-inground (slope/hillside) or full inground pool. The advanced design on this pool is optimized for compact shipping and easy assembly. Optimum pools have a life long expectancy. With proper maintenance and care, the Optimum pool will be trouble-free.

The summer is yours to discover with a new refreshing lifestyle…right in your own backyard.

Freeform Pool Sizes
14′ x 23′
15′ x 28′
17′ x 30′
19′ x 32′
*most popular size sold: 17’x30’*

Oval Pool Sizes
16′ x 24′
16′ x 28′
16′ x 32′
18′ x 30′
18′ x 34′
*most popular size sold: 16’x32’*

Round Pool Sizes
* most popular size sold: 24’*





Step options for your pool
These pictures and options below are for inground pools only. If you are interested in an above ground or a semi-inground we have ladder options for you.
-The steel drop-in steps are aesthetically pleasing and are constructed to be sturdy and durable!
-The bullnose stairs are able to be placed in several different areas of pool. If you think a bullnose staircase is your dream, call us and we can talk about more details.

Optimum Wall / Coping
There are four different types of coping that are available, it depends on if your Optimum pool is going to be above ground or inground.

Optimum Pool Interview

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