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Maintaining Your Automatic Pool Cover This Summer

Maintaining Your Automatic Pool Cover This Summer

Your automatic pool cover helps you take care of your pool all summer long. It keeps debris out of the water, warms your pool, helps prevent water and chemical evaporation, and gives you peace of mind that you’ve got the very highest pool safety standards. But did you know your automatic pool cover needs a little TLC of its own? Here’s everything you need to know about maintaining your automatic pool cover this summer. 

Keep it closed … most of the time. 

This one might sound like a no-brainer, but most of those benefits we mentioned require you to keep your pool covered when it’s not in use. If your autocover is usually closed, it will keep your water warmer (by up to 15°F). Plus, your cover will help keep your pool chemically balanced. Chemicals won’t evaporate as quickly, and debris stays out, which keeps your water cleaner. 

But, you don’t want to keep it closed all the time. Left covered too long, chlorine builds up, which isn’t good for your water, pool, or your cover. Also, during the hottest weeks of the month, your water could become uncomfortably warm, and hard to balance, if your pool is covered all day.

Keep water at the proper level. 

Keep it clean. 

Remove any debris that settles on your pool cover. Inevitably, leaves, dirt, twigs, and other debris will collect on your pool cover. After all, you are using it to keep that debris out of your pool. Care for your cover by regularly removing this build-up with a leaf blower. Doing so also means that the debris doesn’t end up in the water when you remove the cover.

Remove excess water from your cover whenever it collects there. Summer’s often dry, but when the weather turns rainy, be sure to pump off any water that collects there.

Clean the tracks and housing to keep your cover in tip-top shape. Every month or season, check the tracks for debris and spray them out with your garden hose. 

Be sure to check over your cover regularly over the summer and beyond to ensure that it’s still in good working condition. If you notice any issues, call us out for a repair.

Keep Your Water Level Consistent

You know you need to keep the water about ⅓ below the top of the skimmer for the optimal health of your pool. But did you know that the correct water level is important for your automatic pool cover, too? If your water level drops to lower than mid-skimmer, it puts stress on your cover system’s webbing, tracks, and ropes. It could even collapse your entire cover system. Water level: a small thing but so important!

Maintaining your automatic pool cover this summer just takes a little bit of time and care. The payoff — safety, extended chemical effectiveness, warmer and cleaner water — makes the effort well worth it! 

If you have any other questions about caring for your pool this summer, we’re always here to help. Stop by any of our 3 locations or give us a call. Or, if you need help with pool or cover issues, get in touch with our service team.  



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