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Landscaping Tips for Your Above Ground Pool

Landscaping Tips for Your Above Ground Pool

Are you looking to spruce up your amazing Above Ground Pool this swim season? Spring is in the air, and all the beautiful plants are making their appearance for the year. Now is the perfect time to think through all of the landscaping plants and features you want to add to your above ground pool space. There are many possibilities for beautifying the backyard. Here are some landscaping tips for your above ground pool and the surrounding area.

Prettify with Plants

Landscaping any area most often includes plants of some kind. Your pool area is no different. There are many options for greenery and flowers to consider. 

The climate, soil, and weather in your area are big factors as to which options are best to include in your layout. Tredway Pools has been serving the community for 45 years. Our knowledgeable staff can discuss which plants might be pesky and cause extra work around your above ground pool.

Bushes and Shrubs

Bushes and shrubs are hardy plants that can thrive near or around your pool. Succulents are another great choice for greenery that will not require any extra maintenance. 


Flowers can add color and beauty. They may just need to be in an area where direct sunlight will not ruin them. Mulch is a great addition to a flower bed anywhere it is planted — especially near the pool.


Do you love trees? Evergreen trees and palm trees are a couple of types that will not require much upkeep and will not add work to your pool maintenance. Deciduous trees, on the other hand, are not ideal. Trees can be a nice natural privacy barrier when you place them correctly in the yard.

Garnish with Gravel

A popular material used to surround the base of an above ground pool is gravel. The small rocks, available in many colors, are weather resistant and affordable. While the gravel adds to the picturesque view, it also helps to keep excess water from building up around the swimming pool. 

Deck out the Deck

A deck and an above ground pool are the perfect pair. Adding a deck to your above ground pool landscaping layout will make spending time outside more enjoyable. Lounging on the deck and soaking up the sun make a lazy day perfect.

If you already have a deck, lovely patio furniture is a must for decking it out. Our selection of patio furniture definitely has something your deck needs.

Sit in the Shade

After your landscaping plans are complete, you might realize you need a shady spot to sit and enjoy all of the beauty you have added to your yard. What you need is a nearby gazebo. 

A gazebo provides a shaded area for your relaxation needs. When an unexpected summer storm rolls in, you can wait out the storm in the gazebo. You can also add a firepit in a gazebo. A firepit is fun for many reasons, and you can utilize it year-round. 

These landscaping tips for your above ground pool will make your summer more enjoyable and memorable. Enjoy your awesome pool and all of the beautifying landscaping features you choose to add to it. Have above ground pool questions? Get in touch with the team at Tredway Pools Plus!



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