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How to Protect Your Swimming Pool During Winter Storms

How to Protect Your Swimming Pool During Winter Storms
protect your swimming pool from winter storms in Indiana
Protect your pool from harsh winter weather conditions.

When temperatures are dropping and those blustery storms start rolling in, it’s time to protect your pool from possible winter damage. Remember that while all of us can cozy up indoors next to a warm fireplace, our pools are out there all alone, braving the harsh winter. It’s going to be at least 3 to 5 months before we can use the pool again. And those winter storms can be punishing and swimming pools need extra care. Otherwise, you might need to spend a lot of time, effort, and money to get your pool ready to use again. Here’s how to protect your swimming pool during winter storms.

Make Sure Your Cover is Secure

If you have advance warning of a winter storm on the way, be sure to get outside and check your winter cover ahead of time. Make sure that it’s properly in place and completely secure.

Remove Furniture and Extras

If you have tables and chairs still around your pool area, remove them and store them in a safe place. You don’t want furniture blown away to your neighbor’s backyard during a winter storm and you don’t want it to damage your pool cover. Besides, there’s no point in leaving your patio furniture outside when you’re not going to use the pool for quite some time. You may as well tuck it away (if you haven’t already) to protect it too.

Maintain the Water Level of Your Pool

You are probably keeping a regular eye on your pool water level over the winter anyways (if not, you should be), but it’s a good idea to check it ahead of a winter storm. As always, the water should be just below the skimmer to keep everything flowing properly. Be sure to check it again once the storm has passed.

Maintain the Chemical Balance

Debris and snow can make its way into your pool during a storm. It’s a good idea to stay on top of your water’s chemical balance ahead of a storm. That way there will be less work to do later. 

Keep an Eye on Snow Levels

During and after the storm, try to make sure that there is no excessive snow build up on your pool cover. This can burden your cover and cause cracks. If there isn’t a large amount of snow, try to remove it with a long handled broom. Just remember not to use anything with sharp edges so that you don’t damage the cover while you’re trying to protect it. A leaf blower can also sometimes do the job. Once the snow melts, a cover pump can remove the excess water from your cover.

After the Storm

Once the storm has passed, remove any storm debris immediately from your pool. Fallen tree branches, twigs, and leaves can damage your pool cover or get into your pool. And you don’t want your cover to buckle under the extra weight. Also, peek under the cover to check for receding water levels — adjust if necessary. 


If you notice any damage to your pool, call in the professionals. The Tredway Pools team is always here to help. Contact us now if you need help with your pool cover or with protecting your pool from winter storms.



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