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How to Plan a Hot Tub Halloween Party

How to Plan a Hot Tub Halloween Party

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With October finally here, you can now begin preparing all of your favorite Halloween activities, including a hot tub Halloween party! Tredway Pools Pools loves a hot tub party for any reason, so why not host a Halloween bash in yours. With this fun, unique way to relax and enjoy time with friends and family, it will quickly become a favorite way to celebrate. Let’s plan it together!

1. Create a Guest List for Your Hot Tub Halloween Party

Think about how big you might want the party to be or how intimate. If we are having nicer weather in Fort Wayne when you host the party, you can consider a larger gathering with plenty of activities to do. If you have a smaller hot tub and want that to be the sole focus of your gathering you will likely need a smaller guest list. 

2. Create Fun Invitations for Your Hot Tub Halloween Party

Creating your invitations can be as simple as using an online service with premade options to send out text or email invitations, or as elaborate as having someone custom design them for you. Have fun with them and be sure to include that there will be hot tub time so people come prepared. Also, let them know if you want costumes on the invites. (After all, what’s a Halloween party without costumes?)

3. Plan Themed Snacks and Drinks

The internet is full of fun ideas for Halloween decorations, snacks, and drinks. You can do basic things like a charcuterie board with an added skeleton or go all out with pumpkin martinis and “bloody” milkshake shots! You can even go with a black and white Beetle Juice-type theme for a more sophisticated look. Have fun with it!

4. Plan Extra Games for Your Hot Tub Halloween Party

You will want to have some extra games to play for those that are not soaking in the hot tub. Even if you host a smaller hot tub Halloween party, you may want to play things like Halloween-themed hot tub charades or plan to tell spooky stories. You could even host a costume contest with a prize if you want. Throw in an epic Halloween playlist and you will have an excellent time. 

5. Be Sure to Have Your Water Balanced

Before your guests arrive, be sure you have your water balanced and ready to go for the event. With lots of people in your hot tub, you will want to be certain the water is in top condition. If you need any water care supplies, Tredway Pools Plus will have just what you need to ensure the water is crystal clear. 

6. Add Outdoor Heaters and a Grill

With the party being hosted outdoors, you will want to ensure everyone stays warm and well-fed. Grilling on your grill from Tredway will ensure there is food and some added warmth to the area. Adding in larger outdoor heaters will also help to ensure the area around the hot tub is toasty no matter what our Fort Wayne weather is like. 


These types of parties can be so fun to host and attend. Don’t be afraid to go all out with things. If you have questions about how to best set up your hot tub or grill for an epic Halloween party, reach out to our experts at Tredway Pools Plus. We have all that you need to make this Halloween the best party you’ve thrown in a while!



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