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How to Get the Most Use Out Of Your Hot Tub in Summer

How to Get the Most Use Out Of Your Hot Tub in Summer

woman using her Marquis hot tub in summer

So, you bought that hot tub you’d been dreaming about for-ev-er, and enjoyed it all fall and winter. But now the temps are on the rise, and you’re not sure how to get the most use out of your hot tub in summer. There are actually several great tips for using your hot tub during the warmer months of May through September.

Your hot tub is still an excellent hydrotherapy machine, capable of massaging those sore muscles after yard work, camping trips, hiking adventures, or just wrestling and playing ball with the kids in the backyard. Here’s how to maximize your hot tub experience in warm weather.

Shade Your Hot Tub in Summer

If your hot tub is allowed to sit in full sun all or most of the day, the water temperature won’t drop as cool as you’d like it to be for those late evening soaks. Any shade will keep the sun from blasting temps up in your hot tub. Shade trees, a privacy fence, an awning, or just moving your hot tub to the shady side of the yard will work.

Tredway Pools also carries Covana hot tub covers, which serve as both a hot tub cover and a shady, private oasis for summertime hot tub soaks! Better yet, Covana covers raise and lower with just the flip of a switch – making it super easy to open and close your spa after a day of summer yard work or family adventures.

Dial Down the Thermostat

Marquis hot tub temperature controls can be set as low as 60 degrees. However, your Fort Wayne, Indiana spa water isn’t likely to get that cool in the summertime, and water that cool isn’t really good for you. Try setting your hot tub thermostat to 95 degrees. That’s warm enough not to chill or shock your system, but cool enough to give you some relief during those brutal sunny days.

Soak in the Mornings & Evenings

The coolest your hot tub water will be is in the wee early morning hours. If you haven’t yet enjoyed a relaxing hot tub massage before work, you’re in for a treat. A hot tub relaxes you, making your Fort Wayne commute a lot smoother.

If you head to the gym first thing in the mornings, you’re also likely to experience less soreness than if you worked out without a spa massage. Second to mornings, late evenings will be your best time for a summer hot tub soak, as long as you’ve lowered the thermostat setting and kept your spa shaded during the day.

Surround Your Hot Tub with the Sights and Scents of Summer

Feeling cool is more than a matter of the actual temperature. It also involves a mindset. Surrounding your hot tub area with summer sights and scents really helps you relax and get into the summertime vibe. Blooming plants, aromatic herbs, and lush green foliage all help beautify your hot tub area and improve your enjoyment of a warm soak.


What else can Tredway Pools help you with to enjoy your hot tub in summer? Do you have the hot tub chemicals you need to keep your spa clean and pristine this season? We look forward to helping you! 



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