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How to Design a Fun, Family-Friendly Backyard in Fort Wayne

How to Design a Fun, Family-Friendly Backyard in Fort Wayne
Backyard in Fort Wayne
Design a family friendly backyard in Fort Wayne.

A family-friendly backyard in Fort Wayne could be one of the best investments you make in your home. Designing a space that appeals to each member of your family can seem a bit challenging, though. What do you install? Start by knowing your budget and the types of features most important to you.

Tips for Creating a Backyard in Fort Wayne Your Family Will Love

Take a few minutes to consider what your goals are for your backyard space. Luckily, you have lots of options to help you create a backyard that each member of your family can enjoy. Here are some ideas.

In-Ground Pools

It’s one of the best features to install in your backyard that typically appeals to most people, young and old. In-ground pools can range in size and features, with lots of ways to make them your own. If your family enjoys swimming or you hope to teach them to do so, consider the investment in a pool.


A spa could be the ideal choice for those who want a way to relax well into the fall. Spas are beautiful, but they are also fantastic if you need time to unwind and decompress after work. They are a good way to entertain and are typically easier to maintain than the traditional, large in-ground pool. Imagine yourself relaxing after a stressful week. Don’t forget to purchase a hot tub cover that allows you to protect your hot tub.

Grill and Outdoor Kitchen

Let’s face it – it can be a lot of fun to cook a meal outdoors with a group of friends surrounding you. Choosing the right grill can make that possible! Imagine the additional features you’d like in a grill and what type of grill you’d prefer to have, like a gas or charcoal grill. And make sure you have ample room in your outdoor kitchen to place your new grill. That could be a traditional barbeque grill or perhaps a smoker that allows you to create your favorite recipes.

Patio Furniture

It’s also a good idea to add a few pieces of patio furniture. Whether you want a full dining set or just a few pieces that allow people to sit and chat, you have lots of style options to select from in most cases. Create opportunities for your family to come together to chat or to find ways to relax with friends. It takes just a simple setup to make that happen.

Have Fun with Backyard Design

Whether you know just what you want for your backyard in Fort Wayne or need some help, Tredway Pools is ready to help you. Set out to create a space that you love adding the features best suited to the way your family spends time. It’s easier to do than you think!

Create the Backyard of Your Dreams

It’s the perfect time to design and install your new backyard. Let Tredway Pools help take your ideas and make them into reality. Reach out to us for your backyard in Fort Wayne by contacting us or calling 260-489-5596. And be sure to check out our current specials!



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