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How to Care for Billiard Table Felt

How to Care for Billiard Table Felt

With pool tables comes an immense amount of fun. However, a well-used pool table is bound to get dirty at some point. Dust, hairballs (if you have pets), and accidental spills are common ways your table can get messy. That’s why you need to learn how to care for billiard table felt to prevent damage. 

Proper Ways to Care for Billiard Table Felt

Cleaning your felt is the best way to keep it in top condition and ensure balls glide properly. Here are some specific ways to clean your billiard table:


You will need a special pool table brush to clean the cloth of your pool table. Table brushes are specifically designed with soft bristles that are gentle on the felt. Never use rough brushes as this can damage your felt.

How to Brush Your Table Felt– You should brush your table every week in one straight sweep, pulling the debris from the bumper railings and edges towards the middle of the table. Brushing in a circular motion can go against the weave and ruin the felt’s flexibility.

Once you have your debris collected, get a soft rubber edge dustpan or piece of cardboard and sweep the dirt up before tossing it out.

Using a Damp Cloth

Instead of using a vacuum to clean the pockets of your pool table, use a clean, damp cloth or towel to clean out any debris or dust. If you’ve spilled something on the table, use an absorbent white dry cloth for a recent spill and a lukewarm soft cotton cloth for an old stain. Avoid rubbing the stain or using soap; instead, just pat the fabric over the spot until it fades away.

Cleaning the Balls

Once you’ve cleaned your tabletop, it’s also an excellent time to clean the pool balls because if they’re dirty, they’re also going to dirty your table and pockets — which you just cleaned! Soak a soft cloth in water with a bit of gentle detergent; squeeze out the excess water and wipe down the billiard balls before leaving them to air dry.

What You Shouldn’t Do

You might have heard of people vacuuming their pool table top, but this is not how you want to care for billiard table felt. Unfortunately, a vacuum will stretch and pull on the cloth, reducing its durability. It will also affect your playing because any creases and wrinkles can shoot your ball in a different direction than you intend.

Learn to Care for Billiard Table Felt

Spending time with your friends playing pool is fun. That’s why it’s essential to learn to properly care for your billiard table. Make sure that you’re covering the table whenever you’re not playing and are cleaning it every week. If you just so happen to damage your table felt or you’re looking for an addition to your game room, visit us at Tredway Pools or contact us to find out what we have in store for you!



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