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How to Build an Outdoor Game Room

How to Build an Outdoor Game Room

There’s nothing better than getting to play games with your friends and family in your backyard. Or is there? Well, we think there is one thing that could make it better — not needing to stop when it rains! We’ve got the solution for you. It’s time to build an outdoor game room. Friends, family, food, and fun times, whatever the weather. All you need is to build your own outdoor game room and this blog is going to help you with that.

Foundations First  

Whether you’re creating a log cabin or building with bricks and mortar, making sure you’re building on a firm foundation is essential. Putting down a solid foundation allows the doors to function properly, keep ventilation circulating and stop pests and water from getting into the building. 

Firm Flooring  

If you’re thinking of putting something heavy in your game room, like a pool table, then making sure your flooring is strong enough to support the weight of it. Concrete flooring would be one option to consider for a more substantial outdoor gaming room.

Power Up

Installing power and the internet, depending on the type of gaming you’re into, is something to do in the early stages of the build. Otherwise you’ll end up with wires getting in your way. If you’re not experienced at wiring up electrical and the internet, we’d recommend you get a professional to do it safely for you.

Preserve Your Game Room

If your game room is built from wood, preserve the wood to protect it from the weather and the rain. This will help extend the life of your game room. It’s a good idea to protect the wood every couple of years for optimum longevity.

Make it Your Own

Now is the time to decorate and make it your own. Plaster, paint, and wallpaper your way to the finishing decorative touches of your games room.

Furnishing Your Outdoor Game Room

When it comes to furniture, choosing versatile and easy to maintain is usually best. Comfortable rolling chairs and stools with soft cushions are easy to clean. These pieces are also useful, especially if your games room is close to your pool.

It’s Time to Kit it Out

Start kitting out your outdoor game room with all your gaming equipment. From cards and game tables, stools, table football, darts, and everything in between, the sky’s the limit. This is the time to make your game room your haven of fun.

And, finally …

… have fun gaming!

Building an outdoor game room enables you, your family, and friends to enjoy a new space in your backyard, whatever the weather. They are versatile spaces designed for your ideas and needs. We’d always recommend that you check your local planning and regulations laws before you start building. Once you’ve done this, the fun can really start. If you’re ready to start planning, stop in and talk to the team at Tredway Pools



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