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How Long Should I Run My Pool Pump Each Day?

How Long Should I Run My Pool Pump Each Day?

How long should I run my pool pump

If you have a pool, you undoubtedly know that there can be a learning curve to caring for your pool. Answering the question of how long you should run your pool pump each day isn’t a difficult question to answer, though. The short answer is at least 8 hours per day.

There is quite a lot of math involved with coming up with this answer that you are welcome to do on your own if you want a specific answer for your pool. At Tredway Pools, we almost always recommend at least 8 hours though.

Should I just leave my pump running all day, every day?

No, you do not want to run your pool pump 24/7. While you may think that it will keep your pool the cleanest, it will rack up your electric bill. On top of that, it’s not necessary. You only need to run your pool for the minimum amount of time each day. This will keep your pool plenty clean while saving your wallet.

How long should I run your pool pump each day?

To answer the question, “How long should I run my pool pump each day?” exactly for your pool, you will need to know a few numbers.

First, you need to know how many gallons of water your pool holds. If you remember capacity problems from school, this is where you use them. You will need to know the measurements for your pool and depth to solve this.

Finding the average depth is the easiest way to go about this so if your pool is 3 feet in the shallow end and 5 feet in the deep end then your average depth is 4 feet.

Of course, you can get as specific with this as you like, but we are all for simplicity. Multiply these to find the capacity. You will then need to know how many gallons your pool pumps per hour.

This should be listed with your pump information or you can Google it. Divide total gallons by gallons per hour and you have an exact measurement. You should process your entire pool twice a day so double that number. More than likely you will come out at 8 hours.

When should I run my pool pump?

Now that all of that math is out of the way, we can talk more about the best times to run your pump. Eight hours each day is a long time. You can obviously do this at whatever time is convenient for you. You can even break this up into separate times if you like. So like 4 hours in the morning and 4 hours at night, or 1 hour in the morning and 7 hours in the afternoon.

At Tredway Pools, we do have some tips on when to run your pool pump. Running your pump overnight will not only save you money on your electricity bill but will also work well with adding chemicals like shock.

Adding shock at night is best practice and your pump should be running when you add chemicals to help them circulate. This works on multiple levels. You can also get an automated timer to add to your pump to turn it on and off on a schedule.

If you have specific questions about your pool equipment, Tredway Pools is happy to help you with any questions you have. 



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