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How Do You Know It’s Time to Replace Your Inground Pool Liner?

How Do You Know It’s Time to Replace Your Inground Pool Liner?

A brand-new pool is beautiful partially because of the pool liner in place. Yet, over time, an inground pool liner will fade, and, in some cases, problems develop. That’s when it’s important to install a new inground pool liner. But how do you know it’s time to replace your inground pool liner? Here are a few signs to look for.

Existing Colors Are Fading

It may be time for a new pool liner if you notice the colors are fading. Quality pool liners have UV inhibitors built into them, and that means they will fade slower than those that do not. However, pool chemicals and the sun will lead to some damage. That fading is also indicative of the plasticizers failing, which means the vinyl is no longer as pliable as it used to be. That means it’s much more brittle because it cannot expand and contract as it should.

Evidence of Leaks

Significant water level drops may indicate leaks occurring. This comes from cracking and tearing in the pool liner most of the time. This is not an uncommon problem, unfortunately. Over time, erosion leads to the development of uneven surfaces that cause creaks leading to leaks. Pool renovation may be necessary to make repairs here. Don’t avoid these problems as they can worsen over time. If you are topping off the water on a constant basis and losing more than an inch or so every two weeks, that may indicate a leak.

Wrinkles Develop

In some cases, wrinkles can develop in the pool liner itself, especially if it has been a while since replacement or if it was not properly installed. They often appear along the bottom of the pool or near corners first. Don’t ignore wrinkles, as these can turn into tears in the liner quickly.

Liner Bead Changes

You may also notice that the bead of the pool liner is no longer on its proper track. Sometimes you can put it back in, but that doesn’t always happen. It can happen anywhere along the track, though the corners are the most common area. Pool liner replacement is often necessary when it will not slide back into the proper position.

Not Sure If You Need to Replace Your Inground Pool Liner?

If you’re still not sure you need a new pool liner in Fort Wayne or Warsaw, give us a call. We will provide a full inspection to pinpoint any areas of concern. Stains and discoloration are a good indicator that it’s time to have your pool liner inspected or replaced, especially when they take away from the appeal of your pool (or the value of your home).

Let Tredway Pools Plus Help You with Vinyl Liner Replacement

A new liner helps make your pool more inviting. If you need to replace your inground pool liner in Warsaw or Fort Wayne, allow our team at Tredway Pools Plus to help you. Let our team of experienced pros help you as you get your pool up and ready for the summer months. We offer a wide selection of Merlin and GLI vinyl liner replacements. Let our team show you the difference when you give us a call at 260-489-5596 or connect with us now online.



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