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Hot Tub Yoga and Other Unexpected Ways to Use Your Spa

Hot Tub Yoga and Other Unexpected Ways to Use Your Spa

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Do you think of relaxing when you think of a hot tub? One of the many ways to relax in your hot tub and get in some physical fitness is to do some hot tub yoga. And did you know you can do so much more? Our experts at Tredway Pools Plus are always looking for ways and excuses to use their hot tubs at home, so we thought we would share some of our best ideas with you. 

Hot Tub Yoga

The hot tub‘s warm water mixed with the jets promotes flexibility and muscle relaxation, which coincides with the goals of yoga. It also provides an excellent opportunity for beginners to get into practice with built-in support. The sides and seats are easily accessible to help support any sort of balancing pose that you may not be able to do on your own yet. For more advanced yogis, you will benefit from the jets massaging muscles to help you get deeper into the stretch. A quick search on YouTube will have you set up with hot tub yoga poses to try in no time. Our favorites are the tree pose and fire log pose. 


Along the same lines as hot tub yoga, you can meditate in your hot tub. Take your relaxation up a notch and work on your specific mediation goals. It could be breathing or clearing your mind. Whatever your personal goals are, the hot tub can make it a more achievable goal. Simply turn on your favorite meditation playlist, close your eyes, and focus on your deep breathing. You may opt to keep the jets turned off momentarily for a little extra peace and quiet as you get in the zone.

Hot Tub Games

Did you know you can buy waterproof games for your hot tub? You can! They are excellent and varied. From hot tub pong to Uno!™, you can find a game you and your family or friends will love.

You can also make up your own games, like buying rubber duckies and hosting a heated duck race. Even non-prop games work, like 20 Questions or Guess That Song. Make it a full-on game night as you relax with loved ones and play your favorite games in your hot tub. 

Swimming Lessons

Have you thought about teaching your kids how to swim in your hot tub? Turn the jets off and the temperature down a bit for a calm introduction to the water. It will be shallow enough for kids to feel comfortable while still having enough depth for them to practice. There are also many options for them to hold on to while they practice. As they get more confident, you can turn the jets on to add some current for a challenge. 


Our final suggestion is star-gazing. Gather a friend or loved one and relax together while viewing the masterpiece that is the night sky. Make a better viewing experience by turning off any nearby porch lights. Can you spot any of the constellations or even planets? What about the Milky Way? Nothing could be a calmer end to your day than relaxing in warm water and enjoying the expansive starry night sky above you.


The options of fun things to do in your hot tub are endless, and it is not only a great place to relax but a place for connection and self-improvement. If you need a new hot tub to call your own or an upgrade to your existing one, everyone at Tredway Pools Plus is waiting to help you find the perfect addition for your family. 



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