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Why Gaming Tables are a Good Investment for Families

Why Gaming Tables are a Good Investment for Families

Have you been considering investing in gaming tables for your family this year? Everyone at Tredway Pools Plus knows the struggle of balancing where you will get the most benefit from your investments. We also know that investing in gaming tables is one of the best decisions a family can make!

Your children are only with you for a few years, and then before you know it, they are grown up and moving out. Invest in your relationships with them now more than ever! Even if your kids have already left the nest, having gaming tables can entice them to come back. It’s a fantastic investment for your family.

Screen-Free Family Time

One of the most significant benefits to investing in gaming tables for your family is the screen-free family time you can get from them. The more we learn about screen time, the more we know that kids need other ways to spend their time. Having gaming tables provides ample opportunities for just that. Imagine if, after dinner, your kids gather in your game room to play a round of bumper pool or table tennis. While it may seem idealistic, it could be a reality for your family. 

Indoor / All-Weather Family Time

Gaming tables are kept indoors, which means another benefit is that you can use them no matter what the weather is like outside. If it is raining, freezing, snowing, etc., your family will have something to do to keep everyone entertained. We all saw how stir crazy we could get being trapped inside during the pandemic. Make that a thing of the past.

Low-Cost Family Time

When you consider the rapidly rising price of things in our society, gaming tables provide a lot of bang for your buck. While they are more of an investment upfront, they will quickly pay for themselves with the money you save from going out. Unlike a trip to the local arcade or gaming spot, you pay once and then never again! 

You can also get more from your investment by purchasing a table that does double or triple-duty. We have spectacular pool table options that can double as a dining table for a large group. We also have bumper pool tables that transition to poker tables and dining tables. You could have one piece of furniture in your room to fit multiple needs.

Create a Safe Teen Hangout Space

Another best benefit of investing in gaming tables is that you can create a safe teen hangout space. Knowing that your teens are safe, that they are with fantastic friends, and that they are doing beneficial activities is crucial. Investing in a game table or two to create a space for them to use as their own is worth the peace of mind you can get from it as a parent. 

If you are looking to create a game room in your home, Tredway Pools Plus is here to help. We have options that fit modern, traditional, and even rustic design styles. We also have all the gaming tables you could want and furniture pieces to go with them. Stop by one of our Fort Wayne locations today to see how amazing your space could be. 



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