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Game Day on the Grill

Game Day on the Grill

The change of season brings with it beautiful colors and a chill in the air. However, that’s not all that autumn brings. That’s right; we’re talking about football season! It’s finally that time again when you can kick back and relax with your favorite team. To enhance that adrenaline-pumping game, try cooking up some mouth-watering food on the grill. Here are some ideas for game day on the grill this fall!

Get Ready for Game Day on the Grill

While your mouth’s probably already watering thinking of all the delicious food, there are some essentials that you’ll need to tick off your checklist first. Start off by giving your grill a thorough inspection, especially if it’s been stored away for a while. If your grill isn’t looking in top condition, it may be time to get an upgrade

Food Choices to Consider

While there are plenty of ready-to-cook snacks you can choose from, cooking on your grill is a sure-fire way to infuse fresh, tender, and delicious food with that smoky flavor that is perfect for game day. Here are just a few of your countless options when deciding on food for game day on the grill:

Saucy Chicken Wings

Wings are practically everyone’s go-to finger food, and with good reason! Tender, falling off the bone — it gets people every time. Start by marinating your chicken wings, grilling them, and then dipping them in a premade or homemade sauce.

Grilled Buffalo Chicken Poppers

Switch out your regular jalapeno poppers for these delicious grilled buffalo chicken poppers which are super easy to make. Stuff sweet bell peppers with cream cheese, buffalo sauce, shredded chicken, and crispy bacon, before tossing them on a grill for just 5-7 minutes!

Grilled Corn

This doesn’t really need any explanation, but grilling your corn and then slathering on some garlic butter can make all the difference.

Steak Fries on the Grill

These delicious grilled steak fries are the ultimate game day finger food. By partially cooking the potatoes ahead of time, they’ll take practically no time at all on the grill. The grill’s smoky flavor combines with the mouth-watering seasoning for a treat that will keep them coming back for more. Be sure to whip up the easy to assemble dip to take these fries to the next level.


Burgers can make for some of the best game-day food. Get your ground beef, add sea salt, pepper, and your other favorite ingredients before tossing it into a grill and pairing it up with a delicious bun and sauces.


While there’s plenty of meat and veggies you can eat, don’t skimp on something sweet! Instead of baking it, get together your favorite brownie batter and grill it in a skillet. The smoky flavors enhance the cocoa and chocolate and make for an even tastier treat!

Game Day on the Grill — Get Set, Go

Now that you have your grill ready and are armed with ideas for a delicious game day on the grill, the only thing left to do is get ready to kick back and enjoy. If you still need some advice on using your grill or want to upgrade your grill or tools, contact us or visit us at Tredway Pools to make your game day the best you’ve ever had.



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