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Entry-Level vs. High-End Hot Tubs

Entry-Level vs. High-End Hot Tubs
Entry-level and high-end hot tubs
Entry-level and high-end hot tubs differ in features, efficiency, quality, and size.

Trying to decide whether you should buy an entry-level or a high-end hot tub? Are you imagining spending time with the family in the hot tub of your dreams? You want a hot tub that has the features you want and fits in your budget. Most hot tub manufacturers offer different models that can meet your desires and your budget. There are solid choices from every level of hot tubs and brands. It is important to pick a brand with a good reputation.

A local dealer can help you in your search for the best hot tub for you. Tredway Pools Plus has been helping people in the Fort Wayne area for over 45 years to find the right hot tub for them. In deciding whether to buy an entry-level or high-end hot tub, there are 4 factors to consider: features, efficiency, quality, and size.

Features of Entry-Level vs. High-End Hot Tubs

entry vs high end hot tubs
High-end hot tubs have more features than entry-level hot tubs.

The first difference people notice between entry-level and high-end hot tubs is the number of jets and the technology used to control them. Entry-level models usually have a simple panel that adjusts the jets and controls the cycles. High-end models can feature pulsing jets and full massage systems.

It is no secret that features and options add to the value of your hot tub. Entry-level hot tubs are basic with maybe a few features. On the other hand, hot tubs on the higher end give you more choices. You add in options like water features, LED lighting, aromatherapy, and even Bluetooth® audio connectivity. Maybe you want a remote control for your hot tub. High-end hot tubs give you many more options than entry-level hot tubs.

The Efficiency of Entry-Level vs. High-End Hot Tubs

Modern hot tubs are a lot better than their predecessors when it comes to energy efficiency. However, there is a difference between hot tubs in cost and efficiency. Entry-level hot tubs usually use a standard electrical outlet and have bigger motors. These bigger motors normally are loud and not as efficient as the smaller motors found on high-end hot tubs.

Also, using the lower voltage of an electrical outlet rather than being hard-wired means the entry-level hot tub is less efficient and takes longer to heat up. This makes the entry-level hot tub less efficient than the high-end models. Over the long term, buying an energy-efficient hot tub will save you money in the long term.

Quality of Entry-Level vs. High-End Hot Tubs

Quality matters. In simple terms, the better the quality of your hot tub, the longer it’s going to last. This is because high-end hot tubs are manufactured with better quality materials. They have thicker insulation, reducing heating costs. And the durable, well-built plumbing and heating parts extend the hot tub’s life with fewer maintenance costs. This means you will be spending more time enjoying your tub with your family and friends.

Hot Tub Size

Entry-level vs. High-End Hot Tubs
There is a difference between entry-level vs. high-end hot tubs when it comes to size.

Size is important when buying a hot tub. Smaller tubs usually cost less to buy and operate but they seat fewer people. There are hot tubs out there that can seat a lot of people which makes for more fun. Some smaller hot tubs are considered entry-level for this reason. However, the size of the hot tub doesn’t affect its efficiency or quality making it possible to get the high-end hot tub feel for less.

Why not contact us and let’s talk about your dream hot tub. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are ready to help. We have the Marquis® spa that is just right for you.



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