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Charcoal vs. Gas Grills: Pros and Cons

Charcoal vs. Gas Grills: Pros and Cons

Charcoal vs. Gas Grills

Are you looking to buy a high-end grill but aren’t sure how charcoal vs. gas grills compare? Tredway Pools Plus knows all the pros and cons of charcoal vs. gas grills, and we are here to demystify things. Go into summer knowing you got the best option for you, and be ready to host the best cookouts in the neighborhood. 

Charcoal vs. Gas Grills: Who Will Win?

To be honest, the winner of the charcoal vs. gas grill debate is you. No matter which grill you choose, you will be able to cook delicious grilled food no matter what. 

Tredway Pools Plus has a great selection of charcoal and gas grills to choose from. They also have great brands to choose from: SaberⓇ Grills and PrimoⓇ Grills. So the question remains, what are you looking for in a grill? 

Gas grills give you greater control over temperature and cooking time, and charcoal grills give you a better flavor profile and the ability to smoke meats. Deciding what part of grilling matters most to you will help guide your decision.

Gas Grills 


Gas grills are excellent in their ability to heat up quickly and cook consistently. Depending on the number of burners available, you can have two different heat settings on the grill to cook foods at different temperatures. This gives you the flexibility to cook everything for dinner without overcooking or burning anything. 


The cons to gas grills are that they do not have as much of a smoky flavor as charcoal grills do. They also have fewer options to add a hardwood flavor profile to the food, like hickory or mesquite. 

When considering charcoal vs. gas grills, gas grills are easier to use than charcoal. If you are just getting into grilling, a gas grill may be the best way to go. Saber Grills have a great selection of quality gas grills for every budget.

Charcoal Grills 


Charcoal grills are lovely for cooking food and adding a smoky component to it, as well. The ability to use different types of wood allows you to give your food different flavor profiles when you cook it, giving it a depth of flavor you cannot get with gas. 

You also can smoke food with a charcoal grill to give it that slow-cooked, smoky flavor that can make meat stand out. 


The cons to charcoal are that it takes a while to get ready. You have to get the charcoal lit and let it burn down to be prepared to cook, so it is a little more complicated to use in a pinch. 

Charcoal also takes some practice to really be able to use it well. However, once you get the hang of it, it completely transforms the flavor profile of your food! So it’s definitely worth trying getting through the learning curve.

Primo has a great selection of ceramic charcoal grills that you will love. They also offer videos online to show how to replicate what the masters do, so you’ll have some guidance on how to use a Primo Grill.

Tredway Pools is Here to Help 

When deciding between charcoal vs. gas grills, Tredway Pools Plus has a great selection of both for you to browse and investigate to see which one you like the best. Let us help you decide which grill will best fit your situation and set you up so you and your family can enjoy some delicious grilled food. 



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