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9 Tips for Grilling Fish

9 Tips for Grilling Fish
Fresh grilling fish with lemons and herbs

The warm weather is finally upon us and you know what that means—fishing season! Indiana’s free fishing days this year occur in May, June, and September, so check the DNR website, mark your calendar, and grab your fishing pole! And we have to say, nothing tastes better than grilled fish that you caught yourself fresh. That said, there is an art to cooking fish on the barbecue. We want to help you have the best fishing season ever, so here are 9 tips for grilling fish. (Don’t worry – these tips still apply even if you buy your fish from the store – we won’t judge!)

9 Tips for Grilling Fish

1. Think About Fish Thickness

When you’re out selecting your fish to grill, keep thickness in mind. Generally speaking, the thicker the fish, the easier it is to work with on the grill. For grilling, you’ll want to look for something at least 1 inch in thickness.

2. Clean the Grill Grates

Fish has a tendency to stick to anything that’s already stuck to the grates of your grill. Before you even get started, make sure to thoroughly brush off the grates with a wire brush.

3. Give It a Little Oil

To further lessen the chance of your fish sticking, give the fish a light brush of oil. This will give it that extra bit of slip so that it comes off cleanly, and lock in the fish’s moisture. You can even give the grill grates a light coat of oil, too.

4. Designate a Fish Zone

If you’re going to be cooking a variety of items on the grill, decide which area you’ll use for the fish. You’ll want to keep the fish area on about medium heat. You’ll also need a decent amount of room to maneuver, as you don’t want it to be tricky to get in to flip your fish.

5. Grab a Large Spatula

Once your fish starts to cook, it becomes more delicate. Cooked fish flakes apart easily, so you’ll want a spatula that’s up to the challenge of flipping your tender fish. Choose something that will easily slip under the fish and support most of it as you lift and flip.

6. Keep the Skin On

Cooking fish with the skin on helps a lot with holding it together while you’re grilling. Not to mention, once the fish is cooked, it should easily flake away from the skin. 

7. Add a Bit of Protection

If you’re cooking a particularly delicate type of fish or prefer to cook fish that has had the skin removed, consider cooking it inside a foil packet. This method ensures that none of your fish falls through the grates.

8. Wait to Flip

As we mentioned, fish is delicate. You don’t want to spend too much time flipping it. To help keep your delectable fish intact, don’t be too eager to flip it. Wait until it’s cooked through halfway or more before turning it over.

9. Watch Closely

Fish generally cooks quite quickly. Make sure you keep a close eye on it while grilling. You don’t want your beautiful piece of fish to get all dried out.

Get a New Grill for Fishing Day

If you’re in the market for a new grill, Tredway Pools has you covered. We carry an outstanding selection of Saber and Primo grills that are perfect for grilling fish. Stop by and see us on your way back from the river (or the seafood section of the grocery store)!



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