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8 Amazing Hot Tub Benefits You Don’t Want to Miss

8 Amazing Hot Tub Benefits You Don’t Want to Miss

Do you think that hot tubs are a luxury that just isn’t practical for your daily life? Tredway Pools Plus knows this just isn’t true. Scientists are consistently studying to learn more about all the fantastic benefits hot tubs have to offer. There really is a surprising amount of them. Here are eight of our favorites to share with you.

Amazing Hot Tub Benefits #1: Pain Relief

Pain relief as a hot tub benefit makes the top of the list for obvious reasons. At a certain point in life, we all start to experience some form of pain. Whether that is because we slept wrong or if we have some sort of injury or chronic pain, none of us are strangers to this phenomenon. Soaking in a hot tub for a few minutes each day may help to alleviate painful points on your body.

The warm water in a hot tub will help to ease muscle tension and increase blood flow throughout the body. Relaxed muscles will help to reduce any pain coming from tension or tightness. Increased blood flow will get more healing power and nutrients to injured places more quickly. The jets that massage you are just a cherry on top after all those wonderful benefits. 

Amazing Hot Tub Benefits #2: Mental Health Improvement

With all the relaxing happening in your hot tub, from increased blood flow and massage, your mental health will be improved as well. The past few years have added to all of our stress levels. There are very few people whose mental health wasn’t impacted in some significant way. We could all use a little more serotonin and peaceful moments. A hot tub can help provide these, improving stress and anxiety management. 

Amazing Hot Tub Benefits #3: Arthritis Improvement

Increased blood flow throughout the body can relieve not only muscle pain but also joint pain. Arthritis can be a terrible thing to suffer from. Using your hot tub, in addition to other therapies recommended by your doctor, can help to improve your pain management. While it will not cure your disease, it can improve your quality of life. 

Amazing Hot Tub Benefits #4: Workout Space

A hot tub benefit that is often overlooked is using it as a workout space. If your hot tub can improve pain management and muscle tension, working out in one will help you work out harder and longer. This is excellent news for those who may have mobility issues or who are struggling with weight management. These issues create a boundary that is, at best, difficult to overcome, if not impossible. Finding a space that will create a more low-impact environment can help many to achieve what they didn’t think was possible. 

Amazing Hot Tub Benefits #5: Workout Recovery

Once you are done with light stretching or mobility exercises in your hot tub, you are ready to kick back and recover. Even if you are working out elsewhere, your hot tub is still the place to go to rest. The heat from the water combined with the jets will massage the muscles you have utilized in your exercise, helping you to recover more quickly. 

Amazing Hot Tub Benefits #6: Better Sleep

After you finish working, soaking, or both, your body will be calm and relaxed. This is more than half the battle in getting a good night’s rest. Finding a place to unwind after a long day can be tricky. A hot tub provides the ultimate opportunity to take a load off and find peacefulness. Soaking in warm water is always welcome, but add jets to the mix, and you will be ready to drift off in no time! (Just don’t go to sleep until you are out of the hot tub.)

Amazing Hot Tub Benefits #7: A Quiet Spot

Quiet contemplation is another popular activity to come from recent years. The benefits of taking time to clear your mind and sit in stillness have been proven over and over again. A hot tub is a great place to help you do that. At times, individuals may have a hard time turning their mind off and staying focused with the kids, working around the house, or even spending time with a significant other. Soaking in a hot tub provides a place to clear your mind and relax.

Amazing Hot Tub Benefits #8: Family Time

Finally, another of the overlooked hot tub benefits is family time. If you are like us, you stay running with your family. A hot tub will provide you with the chance to sit down together for a family meeting, a movie night, or just a relaxing moment. You could even play games or teach the younger kids to swim in the safety of a hot tub. The possibilities are endless! 

A hot tub can also provide quality time with friends if you want one for yourself. Hosting hot tub parties will make you a favorite of your friend group quickly. A quick search will provide a plethora of hot tub party ideas. If there is something to celebrate or a fun activity going on, you can host it in your hot tub. Tredway even has hot tub party games you play that are waterproof! 

No matter what your reason for wanting a hot tub, there are likely amazing hot tub benefits to support your desire to have one. If you are in the market for your first hot tub or even an upgrade, come by one of our Fort Wayne locations to speak with our expert consultants. They can talk you through the specifics of what you are looking to benefit from and guide you to the best choice of hot tub model for you. 

Once you have your hot tub in hand, be sure to head over to our Facebook page and let us know which hot tub benefit is your favorite! We love hearing from our customers and knowing what they find value in. You can leave this in a review or as a post. We are excited to hear from you today!




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