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6 Best Gaming Tables for 2023

6 Best Gaming Tables for 2023

Are you sick of being stuck inside with all the extra cold weather we have been experiencing? Everyone at Tredway Pools Plus understands. We have been keeping ourselves and our loved ones entertained indoors with some high-quality gaming tables! Everyone can enjoy a good time in the game room (no matter what time of year it is). We have been having so much fun with ours that we decided to list what we know are the best gaming tables to have in your home this year.

1. Billiards Tables Will Always Be One of the Best Gaming Tables

Billiards tables are the clear favorites and reigning kings regarding gaming tables. Setting the gold standard for a game room means you need a high-quality one that will stand the test of time. This is not the place to save or skimp. In fact, with our options, you can even get a dining table/pool table option that will convert easily from game time to dinner time. We can even help you repair your older billiards table!

2. Shuffleboards Are Another of the Best Gaming Tables

While shuffleboard is a less popular gaming table than pool or ping pong, it is quite a fun game. It takes a lot of skill to be able to slide the disc down the lane to the perfect spot. Also, who doesn’t like to challenge their friends to a bit of competition to see who is the best? It is always essential, though, to find a high-quality table that is perfectly aligned and level. Nothing is worse than having a disc shift one way or another cause the table is uneven.

3. Air Hockey Is Another Tried-and-True Favorite

Air hockey tables have been around for a while now and are a teen favorite. If you have any of the younger generation in your home, this is a must-have item. (It could even be a must-have for those of us who are young at heart.) Teens are notoriously rough on things, though. Make sure it can withstand whatever they throw at it by ordering a nicer option that isn’t made from cheap particle board. These break quickly and easily.

4. Bumper Pool Tables Make Excellent and Unexpected Gaming Tables 

Bumper pool tables are an unexpected option that will add a fun flair to any room. Everyone can enjoy a fun round of this game. Even if you have younger children who want to be included, they can be brought in on the fun.

5. Ping Pong Tables Are Some of the Best Gaming Tables Every Year

Who doesn’t love ping pong? Ping-pong tables are so versatile and can be used in many ways. From regular ping pong to doubles to beer pong, there are many fun ways to use a ping pong table. You can even play solo if you get a folding one! It is a popular sport and worth having in your home.

6. Dart Boards, While Not a Table, Still Make the List

We know, dart boards aren’t gaming tables. But what kind of game room can you really have without a dart board? They are essential to complete any game room in any home! Imagine having all your friends indoors and enjoying a round of darts. 

Don’t spend another minute this year going stir crazy because you are bored. With our options from Legacy, your entire game room is sure to flow with the rest of your home. They have options to fit traditional, modern, and even rustic decor. These high-quality gaming tables will keep your family and friends entertained for years to come. Come by your local Tredway location to see examples in store today. 



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