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6 Accessories You’ll Need for Your Grill & Outdoor Kitchen

6 Accessories You’ll Need for Your Grill & Outdoor Kitchen

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If you are a self-proclaimed grill master, them you may be on the lookout for enjoyable and efficient ways to cook up something delicious. Whatever it is, Tredway’s experts have six accessories you’ll need for your grill and outdoor kitchen that will help to make grilling your food more manageable and fun! 

Grill Accessories

The only thing better than grilling your dinner is having those extra tools and accessories that make grilling easier and more enjoyable. Look at some of the top accessories requested by local grillers.

A thermometer enables you to check your meat for doneness.

Bluetooth® Thermometer

With a Bluetooth thermometer in your grill or smoker, you can remotely control the temperature of your grill so that your food cooks evenly and to perfection. 

Temperature is critical in grilling food because it indicates whether something is fully cooked or cooked to a desired level. 

Another perk of having a Bluetooth thermometer is that you can monitor your cooking temperature without lifting the grill lid and interrupting the cooking process. This is especially important when using your SaberⓇ Grill to smoke or rotisserie.

A grill cover provides better protection for your investment.

Grill Cover

We recommend you get a grill cover to better protect your grill from the elements and local critters. Not only will it keep your grill clean, but it will also increase the life of your grill. 

If you do not have a covered area to keep your grill under, a grill cover is especially of the utmost importance to keep your grill in the best shape possible for as long as possible.

The proper utensils make grilling a breeze.

Tongs and Utensils

Whenever you are grilling, it is vital to have the proper utensils to handle the food correctly. Whether it is a spatula, tongs, grill fork, or basting brush, each of these utensils are important and have their purpose, depending on what you are grilling. Ensure you are prepared with the proper utensils as you prepare to grill on your PrimoⓇ Grill.

Whatever you want to grill this summer, ensure you have what you need to do it right. Stop by one of our stores to find all the essentials and more.

Outdoor Kitchen Accessories

If you want to upgrade your grill, one of the best ways is to expand into an outdoor kitchen. Here are three accessories that are must-haves for any outdoor kitchen area.

A refrigerator makes multiple trips inside unnecessary.


A refrigerator is a must-have outdoor kitchen accessory. Between storing food there before it goes on the grill and keeping cold drinks on hand, this is a great accessory to limit the number of trips that must be made inside and make grilling more straightforward and more enjoyable.

A burner outdoors allows for so much flexibility in your grilling.


Having an extra burner is an excellent upgrade to your outdoor kitchen area. An additional burner will allow you to keep food warm or heat a sauce or side dish while grilling the meat. Many uses can be found for an extra burner, and it is something you should consider for your outdoor kitchen.


What is an outdoor kitchen without a sink? A sink is helpful in many ways, from washing produce to rinsing a utensil, adding some water to a sauce or marinade, and washing your hands. A sink in your outdoor kitchen is a must-have. 


At Tredway Pools, we have grills and accessories to upgrade your backyard grilling and/or outdoor kitchen area. We have many great options to help give you the best grilling spot. Talk to one of our backyard experts today to see what we can do to upgrade your grill to a better experience.



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