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6 Accessories Every Game Room Needs

6 Accessories Every Game Room Needs

An in-home game room is a luxury not all homes are afforded. Maybe you have an empty room that you’ve been thinking about converting to a game room. This would be a great use of space. A game room is a wonderful place to spend time in friendly competition. Family game night — a much anticipated event — has endless possibilities for fun in a game room. Your children and their friends can utilize a game room anytime they want. Here are 6 accessories every game room needs. 

Begin with a Billiard Table

Tredway Pools carries beautiful billiards to start your collection of indoor entertainment. This classic game is a must-have for any game room. Playing billiards is fun, no matter your age. The well-known game helps with hand-eye coordination and keeps your brain active while strategizing your next move.

Continue with Card Games

Card games — and board games — will never lose their appeal. Make sure your game room includes a great selection of card games and board games for all ages. Some family game nights will center around only these games, and the memories you make will be unforgettable. Your collection of games will always grow as new, exciting games make an appearance on the scene too. 

Don’t Forget Your Favorite Game Table

Game Tables are another amazing addition to a game room. Each family has different traditions and favorite games to keep alive. We carry shuffleboard, ping-pong, foosball, and air hockey tables. We also offer conversion top tables that give you more than one option with one purchase — an all-around win. Everyone’s idea of fun is different, and having a game room with options is wonderful.

Find Comfortable, Classy Furniture

Every game room needs some comfortable furniture for the long nights of intense card games. Some classy furniture is also a great addition, keeping the room contemporary and aesthetically pleasing. The selection of Legacy game room furniture is perfect for all your needs.

A bar and bar stools are very popular in a game room environment. This is the perfect place to take a break for conversation and refreshments. Having a little kitchenette nearby is also ideal.

Hang a Dartboard for Nostalgia’s Sake

Can a game room exist without a dartboard on the wall? Definitely not! A game of darts is a great way to relieve a little stress and have a small competition at the same time. You can strengthen your concentration skills as you block out all the noise around you to aim the darts at the target. 

Include Video Games for a Modern Game Room Feel

There are multiple gaming systems that have made their debut into the gaming industry. Technology is always improving, and updated systems soon replace their predecessors. A popular game room will have video gaming capabilities with all the amenities — a big screen TV, a surround sound system, the gaming console, and multiple controllers … to name a few.

Game Room Goodies

Stop by your local Tredway Pools store to check out our selection of equipment, furniture, and accessories to fill your beautiful entertainment space. Our friendly staff will help you find the 6 accessories every game room needs and more.



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