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5 Tips to Use Less Chlorine

5 Tips to Use Less Chlorine

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With the current state of the economy, everyone is looking to save money. Cutting costs on water care (i.e. use less chlorine!) for your pool is definitely an avenue to explore. At Tredway Pools, we have plenty of strategies to save your family money while still enjoying your pool! Let’s look at 5 ways to use less chlorine in your pool this summer.

1. Basic maintenance will cut down on chlorine use.

The easiest way to start cutting down on chlorine use is to maintain your pool well.  Clearing the water of debris will allow your chlorine to be effective longer. Anything added to the pool water will cause chemical reactions eliminating the chlorine present. Then you have to add more chlorine.

Along these lines, you can brush the walls of your pool at least once a week as well. Running your vacuum regularly is also part of this maintenance plan. The cleaner you keep the water, the less you will have to depend on chlorine to do it for you.

2. Adding shock or chlorine in the evening will allow you to use less chlorine.

When you do need to add shock or chlorine, it is best to do so at night when the sun is down. Exposure to sunlight breaks down chlorine more quickly. When the chlorine is broken down quickly, it doesn’t have as much time to do its job. Adding chlorine at night will allow it to clean the water better and last longer. Ultimately, you will use less chlorine over time using this tip.

3. Using a solar cover will allow you to use less chlorine.

Since we discussed the sun breaking down chlorine more quickly, this tip goes along with the previous one. During the day, using a solar cover will keep the sun from breaking down all of your chlorine. Solar covers will of course have some upfront costs associated with them, but the short-term expense may be outweighed by the long-term benefits. 

4. Keep your pool water below 80 degrees to use less chlorine.

This tip is for those pool owners who happen to have a temperature control system installed as well. If you do not have a temperature control system, you can of course make the investment to be able to enjoy your pool for a longer season. Keeping your pool below 80 degrees will keep the chlorine from being destroyed by the heat. Higher temperature water will use up the chlorine particles much more quickly than lower temperatures will. 

5. Convert to a salt water system.

One of the top ways you can save on chlorine is to upgrade a salt water system in your pool. This will cut down on chlorine use by using salt and chemical reactions to create chlorine in the pool instead of it being added manually. This also has an upfront cost associated with it, but could well be worth it long term.


If you are still looking for ways to save on your family pool, let the people at Tredway Pools assist you with any pool care questions you may have. We offer water care items, pool repair services, and are your local experts for all things pool related. Our goal is to ensure that your family is able to enjoy your pool for years to come. 



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