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5 Signs It’s Time for a New Spa Cover

5 Signs It’s Time for a New Spa Cover

When was the last time you purchased a new spa cover? At Tredway Pools Plus, we know how quickly time can get away from you, and keeping a check on your spa cover is no different. We know most people only think about things when they use them or see them, not usually when they are out and can do something about it. Consider this your reminder to reach out and get your replacement cover ordered with us today. Maybe you’re even ready to make the ultimate upgrade!

1. If the Fabric is Cracked, It Is Time for a New Spa Cover

An obvious sign that it is time for a new spa cover is seeing cracks, rips, or tears in the vinyl of your existing cover. Leaving these unaddressed can and will allow your cover to deteriorate rapidly, letting moisture and bacteria grow and fester. No one wants to soak with that hanging over their hot tub water.

2. If the Cover is Too Heavy, It Is Time for a New Spa Cover

Have you noticed your cover gets heavier every time you remove it? If so, it is time to get a replacement cover. This extra weight is moisture that has built up over time. If the inner foam of your cover holds enough water to notice, that waterlogged hot tub cover needs to be replaced.

3. If Your Cover Smells, It Is Time for a Replacement Spa Cover

Any sort of foul odor that comes from your cover is a reason for concern. If you can clean the cover and it goes away, you are likely fine to wash it a little more frequently. However, if it is still foul after cleaning, you most likely have bacteria growing inside your cover that makes it dangerous to you and anyone else soaking in your spa.

4. If Your Cover Sags in the Middle, It Is Time for a Fresh Spa Cover

Similar to the cover feeling heavier, sagging in the middle will go along with things being not as they should be. This shows water accumulation. Anytime this is a possibility, it is time for you to get a new spa cover.

5. If Anything is Broken, It Is Time for a New Spa Cover

When you find broken snaps, straps, etc., it is time for a new spa cover. Damaged parts mean there is a higher chance of seals not being in top working condition. Improperly sealed spas will allow contaminants to enter and use more energy and resources to keep your water warm and sanitized. Plus, broken straps can be a major safety concern. This can get expensive quickly, so purchasing a new cover sooner rather than later is prudent. 

If any of these items describe your current spa cover, Tredway Pools Plus can help you get a new one! With plenty of options to choose from, including the ultimate upgrade to a Covana cover that raises and lowers with the turn of a key, there’s a spa cover that’s right for you! Stop by one of our showrooms to see them in action. Our consultants can help you select the perfect fit for your hot tub or swim spa. Reach out today with any questions you may have. We can’t wait to serve you.



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