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4 Things to Know Before Getting a Pool in Indiana

4 Things to Know Before Getting a Pool in Indiana

Are you considering getting a pool for your Fort Wayne, Indiana, home this year? It can be a tremendous task to take on. You want to choose the right pool the first time to maximize your investment. At Tredway Pools Plus, we are prepared to help you and guide you to the best option. We know things aren’t one size fits all. Use this information to help you get started on the quest for the perfect pool for your Warsaw home this year.

Know Your Budget Before Getting a Pool in Indiana

The first and most important question is “What is your budget?” Some people may want to start by investing $10,000 in a pool, while others want to spend $500,000 to build an entire backyard experience. It will vary from home to home, and you should know approximately the range in which you fall before shopping. Tredway Pools offers financing through Wells Fargo to help you meet your backyard goals. Financing can allow you to make more of an investment upfront and pay for it over time instead of all at once.

Know Which Type of Pool You Want Before Getting a Pool in Indiana

The amount of money you want to spend will likely impact which type of pool you buy.

Above-ground pools from Tredway typically cost a few thousand dollars. The bigger the pool you buy, the more it will cost. You will also want to consider other accessories as additional costs. They can be a fantastic investment for people who aren’t at a home for the long term or don’t want to spend more placing an inground pool. The modern above-ground options can last a long time and provide incredible amounts of fun.

An inground pool will typically last longer than an above-ground choice, as they are more sheltered from the elements. They will generally run $75,000 and higher installed*, and they can normally be larger and deeper than an above-ground selection, which is a draw for many people. While more of an investment upfront, you could get more use and longer life from a vinyl or fiberglass inground option at your Fort Wayne, Indiana, home. 

Know What Pool Size You Want and What Will Fit in Your Backyard

This brings us to the size of the pool you want. Think about the physical space in your backyard. If you have a smaller yard, you will need a smaller swimming pool size out of necessity. You may only need one for yourself and a friend or partner. If you have a larger family or want to fit larger groups, you will want to choose a larger option. A larger pool typically costs more, though, regardless of which type you choose. 

Know the Best Place to Buy the Perfect Option in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Finally, you are ready to shop in-store at our Fort Wayne North, Fort Wayne South, or Warsaw locations! Tredway Pools Plus has options to fit everyone’s needs. Come by and see our expert sales associates and let them know what you are looking for in the perfect pool. They can guide you to which option will best suit your needs. We can’t wait to see you in the store.


*Prices accurate at the time of publication. All prices are subject to change without warning. Prices vary according to the products and features chosen by the customer. Please speak with one of our sales representatives for the most accurate pricing for your specific pool project.



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