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4 Family-Friendly Games to Play on a Pool Table

4 Family-Friendly Games to Play on a Pool Table

young teen plays family-friendly games on a pool table

Playing pool on a pool table with your family can present quite a challenge, especially if your kids are still small. How do you incorporate family-friendly games into your beloved pastime of pool in your family game room? The key will be to make the game of pool as simple as they need it to be. For kids of different ages, this will mean different things. Let’s explore four different age groups and different family-friendly games you can try together on your pool table.

Family-Friendly Games for Kids on a Pool Table

1. Toddlers and Preschool Age Kids at the Pool Table

With this age group, the idea is to have them engaged with the pool table however they might be ready. This probably means not using the cue ball and making the game very simplistic so it can go quickly. You will want to play a game where the goal is just to get a ball into a pocket. Paying attention to solids or stripes, or numbers will be irrelevant. So long as they are using one ball to hit another into a pocket, they can win. Keep count of how many balls go into pockets to see who wins! 

2. Elementary Age Kids Pool Table Games

At this age, they are able to understand more of the rules and will have a longer attention span. This means that you can add some rules to the game. Try playing 15 ball with your kids at this point. (Bonus points it will also help with math skills!). The rules are simple, each ball is worth whatever number is on it. You want to try to get to 61 points first. To up the challenge level, each person only gets one shot per turn. If you hit it great, you get points. If you miss the shot you don’t get any points for the turn. The first person to reach those 61 points wins.

3. Middle School and Jr. High Kids at the Pool Table

The kids in this age group are really coming into their own. You can try to play Pool Darts with these kids. Make the game as simple or challenging as you like by assigning different points to different pockets, colors, solids, or stripes. The possibilities are endless with this game. Keep score like you would playing darts. If you make the shot, keep going until you miss. This will help your kids to hone more pool-playing skills. 

4. High School Teens Pool Table Games

These kids are ready to really experience a challenge. Try Baseball Pool with your oldest kids. This game allows you 9 “innings” to score the most points. At this age, they should be calling the pocket they are aiming for. Use 21 balls, each being worth their face value. The person with the most points after everyone has played 9 innings wins the game. 


Learning to play pool can be difficult, but it should also be lots of fun. This is how your family will continue to love to play the game no matter what age they are. Modify to fit each person’s needs, and if you need a pool table for the family to practice on, look no further than Tredway Pools Plus. We have awesome custom pool table and game options to fit every style and home. 



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