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3 Things to Consider Before Buying a Billiards Table

3 Things to Consider Before Buying a Billiards Table

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Making a large purchase like a billiards table is a big deal! You want to be sure you are getting precisely what you wish the first go-round so that you and your family can stop planning your game room and start playing in it! At Tredway Pools Plus, we are experts at helping our customers find the right billiards table for them and their homes. We have put together our top three considerations we think you should discuss before buying a billiards table. 

1. Consider the Size

Billards tables come in all different sizes. While a regulation size is eight feet, you can get them smaller. If your game room isn’t that big, you will want to consider a more compact billiards table to fit the space well. You may also want a smaller table if you have younger children and want to have fun with the entire family. That being said, you can play more games on a larger billiards table. 

We suggest taping off the area where you plan to put the billiards table. Once you have that space mapped out, you can measure it to see how much is there. You will want enough room for the billiards table and about five feet extra on each side. This extra space allows room to move around the table and shoot with long pool sticks. 

Triple-check these measurements before ordering! Exchanging a pool table is not an easy task, and it is impossible in the case of a custom pool table. How terrible would it be to order your dream billiards table to find out it doesn’t fit in the space once you receive it?

2. Consider Your Budget

After narrowing down what size billiards table you would like, it is time to consider your budget. There are always varying price points for items, and you will also have some options when shopping for your pool table. Quality pieces will always cost more but last longer, and you want to ensure that whatever item you get will last for years. 

Investing less money in something you will need to replace in only a few years is never a good use of your hard-earned money. At Tredway Pools Plus, we offer high-quality Legacy billiards tables, and these beautifully made tables will stand the test of time easily.

3. Consider the Billiards Table Style

Finally, the traditional style billiards table with green felt is no longer the only option available to you. With Legacy, we can offer styles to fit every home. Is your space more modern or industrial? Maybe you want to create a traditional or farmhouse aesthetic. Whatever you are looking for, Tredway Pools Plus has an option to fit that style. Don’t settle for something that isn’t “you” when making this purchase. 


If you have any other questions or concerns about purchasing a billiards table, come by one of Tredway’s locations, or give us a call. Our experts are ready and able to help you find the perfect piece to complete your dream game room or man cave. We also offer other types of game tables and service billiard tables. Let us know how we can help you today.



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