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3 Signs it’s Time to Winterize Your Pool

3 Signs it’s Time to Winterize Your Pool

cloudy sky and empty pool are signs it's time to winterize your pool

While there may still be time to enjoy your pool, fall and winter are just around the corner for Indiana, and our Tredway Pools Plus customers. So how do you know exactly when it is time to winterize your pool, and how do you do that? These are three indicators that it may be time to start the simple process to protect your pool this winter. 

3 Tell-tale Signs it’s Time to Winterize Your Pool

1. Temperature is consistently below 60 degrees.

The best way to know when it may be time to winterize your pool for the season is when the temperature is consistently below 65-60 degrees. This is usually around October in Fort Wayne. You don’t have to start closing things the first time the temperature drops this low, but only when it is there consistently. Closing your pool too early could mean problems come spring as the chemicals may not last through the season. 

2. You are using your pool less.

Another easy indicator that it is time to winterize your pool for the season is if you are using it less. When things get colder, you naturally get in the water less often. This will alert you to start checking temperatures or go shopping for a closing kit at Tredway Pools Plus. If you prefer, you can also have our experts close your pool for you when you are swimming less. This can save you time and stress at the end of the season. 

3. Bad weather has been predicted 

The final indicator would be if there was a prediction that bad weather was coming. If there were to be an early snow storm or freeze warning, you would absolutely want to have your pool closed and ready. Leaving this undone could cost you quite a bit of money to make repairs when everything was said and done. Be weather aware and prepare to protect your investments. 

How to winterize your pool

If you decide to close your pool on your own, you will need to be sure everything is thoroughly cleaned first.

  • Do a basic clean. Brush the sides, vacuum the pool, and put accessories away.
  • Once everything is clean, you will want to balance your water just like you normally would in the spring and summer.
  • Then lower your water levels so that water is not left in the filtration system.
  • You can then drain and store the pump, skimmer, and other equipment until spring.
  • As a final step, add the shock and algaecide to last through the winter and cover your pool with a safety cover. This should keep everything safe until you are ready to use it again.


If doing all of this on your own is too much, Tredway Pools is happy to help you winterize your pool and make sure everything is safe for an Indiana winter. We also provide all of the winter chemicals or kits you may need for your pool no matter if it is above ground, fiberglass, or traditional inground pool. One of our experts is happy to help you with any questions you may have. We look forward to serving you.



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