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2023 Pool Trends

2023 Pool Trends

Have you been considering building a pool for you and your loved ones to enjoy next year? The newest pool trends are here, and NOW is the time to begin planning your new pool with Tredway Pools Plus. We are already booking into the new year and would love to help make your backyard dreams a reality. We even have some fabulous inspiration to get you started in your planning with our top 2023 pool trends. 

1. Fountains Are One of the Easiest Pool Trends to Incorporate

One of the easiest ways to elevate your pool space (even if you aren’t building a new one) is to add some water features like a fountain. These can be as fancy or simple as you like. From having things built into the pool itself to help with water flow and cleaning to adding in a floating device that pulls water up and sprays it about while floating on the water, you can incorporate this trend so easily. Fountains create more visual interest around the pool, as well as soothing sounds if they are larger. 

2. Lighting is Another of the Easiest Pool Trends to Use

A second easy trend to incorporate is lighting. You can get lights to add to your existing pool, or if you are planning to build with us this year, we can place them in with the pool during construction. And don’t think that they have to be plain white lights if you don’t like that option. LED lighting in various colors can really set the mood in your backyard with just the flip of a switch. 

3. Fun and Games Make the Pool Exciting

Another of our favorite trends is seeing how people make their pools especially fun for their families and loved ones. Adding something like a basketball goal or water slide is so simple, but it ensures that everyone has a blast. Get as creative as you like with this trend. You can even get floating pool games to play in the pool!

4. Tanning Ledges Create a Space for Everyone to Enjoy

Adding a tanning ledge to your space will instantly improve the elegance and relaxation factor. We know this is one of our favorite features to add on. It creates a place not only for mom to relax and read, but also an accessible site for family members who may not otherwise be able to enjoy the water to hang out. 

5. Outdoor Living Space is Our Favorite of the Pool Trends for 2023

The biggest and best of the pool trends anyone can incorporate into their pool area is an outdoor living space. Adding a grill area so that you can cook out while enjoying family or friends by the pool can make such a massive difference in how you appreciate the space. Complete it with conversational patio sets or a dining patio set to enable guests to come and eat or hang out while still swimming and enjoying the pool this summer. The sky’s the limit with this trend. 

When you call us to set up your consultation, be sure to let us know which pool trends you want to include in your backyard. Our experts are excited to help make your backyard recreation goals a reality in 2023.





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